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information of Vancouver photographer photographers client wedding photographer Vancouver contact to professional photographer Vancouver Vancouver photographyVancouver photographer blog Vancouver photographer get information of Vancouver photographer emind photo studio: 3580 East Hastings Street Vancouver BC V5K 2A7 Canada

Tel: 604 618 8200 by appointment

email: / text message: 604 618 8200

emind photo studio is designed to accommodate a large variety of commercial shoots and art work reproduction. The facility is 900 square feet and is loaded with top quality 6000 watt/second strobe lights. The studio uses advanced digital photography equipment ensuring the best image quality. We provide onsite studio setup and editorial photography.

Internationally recognized award winning photographer Robin Wong is passionate about fine art photography - so much so that over the last 20 years Robin’s work has displayed an abundance of visual creativity with a classic, timeless feel. His wedding journalism, life style portraits and commercial photography all exhibit his strong technical ability and demonstrate his aesthetic eye for fine art. Robin’s experience in traditional photography practices and sophisticated digital photo techniques ensure perfection when capturing the essence of your special day. His ability to record timeless images will transport you to a nostalgic, emotional remembrance in years to come. These talents of Robin Wong have made him one of the foremost photographers in Vancouver. Our services include: Commercial/product/catalogue photography, Corporate/editorial photography complete with on site setup, Two and three dimensional art photography, Model & Actor portfolios, Fine Portraits/Wedding/events photography and Digital photo enhancement.